For me, this is a very beautiful topic because creation is where there are no limitations to creativity. Therefore, I will explain the concept, with the note that this is an area where you can always create a protected space in another, unique way.

In energy work, especially in healing, it is recommended to approach it with the prior creation of a protected energetic space or sacred space. Between two individuals, the giver and the receiver of an energy (or any other) treatment, a relationship is formed, a connection in which the giver of the treatment intends to influence the receiver. Just as the outcome of surgeries on the physical body is best when performed in a sterile environment, so it is with the outcome of treatments performed in a “space” for which certain parameters are set. If we want to conduct a treatment or energy work in the highest vibration possible and exclude unwanted energy intrusions, we will create a designated protected space for that purpose. We will work, as always in energy work, with our intention. Such a space will be created by our intention alone. With our intention, we will set all parameters for that space. If we are doing something like this for the first time, it will take us more time, but each subsequent time we will easily and quickly establish that space through mere thought, or vibrational recollection of what it is like to be in such a safe space.

Let’s think: what do we want from such a space?

We want everyone in it to feel safe and comfortable. We want to feel relaxed and flowing. We want that space to hold the highest vibrations with which we can work at this moment. We want that space to protect us from all unwanted energies, entities, intrusions, so that everything that is not of the highest vibrations is released through that space and surrendered to the Source for healing. We want it to be a space that is maximally supportive for healing, whether ours or the person we are working with. We want everything that happens in that space to be in accordance with the highest good. By setting the intention that something is for the greatest good of all involved, we leave room for there always to be some unknowns hidden from us in this body and personality, but clear to us as a soul, or at a higher level as consciousness. If the space is created for working with another person, then our intention is that our own energies that have not yet been healed do not affect the other person, that our own emotional and mental bodies do not affect the other person, and vice versa, we do not want the energies of that person to affect us as the giver of the treatment.

We can work with energy even if we are not completely aligned ourselves. Our own goal should be personal work and personal healing, but even if we have not fully achieved that, it does not mean that we cannot help others. However, in that work, we must still be honest and say no when we feel that it is not the work for us, that we cannot help, and also admit when we ourselves have our own weak moments that it is actually more important that we focus on ourselves rather than others. If we are in such a state, setting up such a protected space is unlikely to do its job.

Once we have set parameters that are important to us for the protected space through our intention, we can continue to create and program that space. If we like working with vibrations, we can fill it with the vibration of love, peace, joy. If we are guided, we can also use certain colors. Colors also carry their vibrations, and personally, I work most with gold or those in the purple spectrum.

In the protected space, we can invite our own spiritual guidance and team, as well as the team of the person we intend to work with energetically. We can ask them for guidance, instructions, explanations, protection, and assistance. All of this will enhance the energy work.

At the same time, we can also work with the elements, especially when focusing on protecting the space, on its external membrane. All elements have their properties. Water washes away but also reflects and can make us unnoticed. Fire burns, earth, or rocks are immobile and can merge us, who are located within the space, into something that is immobile and unnoticed. Wind carries and blows away…

I have given you a few examples, but the most important thing is to follow your intuition and guidance and to be open to change; what once “worked” for you does not mean it is unchangeable.

It is important to understand that various energies easily affect us, and if we want to improve and direct our energy work towards a specific goal, I advise you to start playing with creating a safe space, but also not to forget that this space is necessary for ourselves as well as for performing energy work with someone else. Therefore, always first learn and put into practice protecting yourself, and then you can create space for treatment, around your living or working space, around your children…