In order for healing to occur, whether you are the recipient or the giver, relaxation is essential.

I have chosen this as a topic I want to write about because I have noticed immense importance in what sounds very simple by itself and is a key element that, if missing, significantly affects the outcome in working with energy.

Let’s consider why this relaxation is so important.

Opposite to relaxation is tension, stiffness, blockage. When we apply this to our bodies through which we conduct energy, it is easy to understand that in a tense system, energy does not flow as it should, or does not flow with the same intensity as when the system is relaxed.

Relaxation is a precondition for flow. In order for energy to act and move freely where the focus is directed, relaxation is required from us. You have surely heard of the term “being in the flow.” This means that your systems have no blockages, that the body operates in harmony and balance, that bodily systems correspond with each other, and that your mind and emotions are stable. Once we experience what it feels like to be in flow compared to being stuck, we will not want to return to the old state.

If we have a problem with relaxation, we may need to ask ourselves some questions:

Do I have trust?

Do I feel okay with the energy I am working with?

Do I feel love when working with energy?

Is what I am doing in line with my highest good or the highest good of another person?

Is the blockage I feel arising from the relationship with the person I am working with?

Relaxation through Trust

When we meditate and seek assistance from our spiritual helpers or when we are the giver or recipient of treatment, trust is an important component. If we trust, in ourselves, in others, then we easily surrender.

Relaxation through Work on the Physical, Mental, and Emotional Level

In order to achieve a feeling of relaxation, we can help ourselves in various ways. Let’s not approach working with energy with others if we are sleep-deprived, hungry or overly full, if we are in a bad emotional state, if we feel like a hundred thoughts are racing through our head. Let’s try to ground ourselves first. We can lift our spirits and bodies through exercise, walking, dancing, massage, warm baths, listening to music we love, which relaxes us. Being in nature and with animals can quickly raise our vibration.

Relaxation means comfort, reconciliation with ourselves, self-acceptance, healing, and that is what we need to work on.

As we are unaccustomed to such a state, which should actually be natural and innate to us, this is something we should practice. Therefore, I suggest that you start with reminding yourself, when you embark on energy work, remind yourself and repeat to yourself: “Relax.” That one sentence changes everything.