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Anja Jelena Krajcer

Today, she practices shiatsu therapy, postural therapy, and leads classes in yin yoga, as well as exercises and recreation for women… She also leads Relax Kids exercises for children. I joined this story with my healing work through energy healing treatments and guided meditation and yin yoga classes. Both of us share a therapeutic approach in our work, both through treatments and through group classes. In 2021, we opened a studio in Varaždin with an even wider range of selection, continuing in the direction of holistic approach through various types of yoga and offering various themed weekend workshops. We have many more plans for further collaboration and even larger projects!

You can contact her at:

Dean Valentić

where he acquired the qualification of “Brahmana” (knower of Vedic knowledge). His interest in Jyotish astrology, derived from a part of Vedic knowledge, awakened in 1999, and he has been living in Pula since then. He learned astrology under the guidance of the astrology teacher Gabor Szucs (Gauranga Dasa) from Budapest. Gauranga Dasa is a disciple of Pandit Sanjay Rath, a teacher of traditional astrology from India and the founder of the astrological school and institute Sri Jagannatha Center. In this lineage, Dean Valentić continues his study, teaching, and practice of astrology. Dean can help you understand your own path in this life. The astrological reading he provides can clarify many aspects of yourself, but its greater value lies in confirming what you already knew within yourself, perhaps not daring to show externally due to various societal conditioning.

You can contact Dean Valentić via email: or phone: +385 99 3457910

Dejana Vorkapić

something beyond the obvious. Her experience is infused with numerous self-work techniques that she studied and practiced independently and with clients. This has given her years of experience as a therapist, and today her work is based on mindfulness and the philosophy of nonduality. She is the author of the spiritually themed book “The Return of Mary Magdalene, Unveiling the Holy Grail,” which is imbued with her personal experiences and insights into her spiritual intelligence. Dejana is a mindfulness and nonduality teacher whom you can trust if you want to learn more about these topics or deepen your own experience of reality. My encounter with Dejana came about due to a similar situation, at a time when we both wanted to publish our books, and afterwards we realized that we have much more in common, such as a connection to the feminine principle and the fact that we share a close soul family bond

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Zoran Seličanec

Early in life, he also showed interest in esoteric knowledge, and later studied theosophy. He is well-versed in medicinal herbs and can prepare various herbal remedies for you, as well as perform tarot readings.

You can contact him at: or phone: 098 5730 27

Petra Križaić

In her work with clients, she realized the importance of guiding them towards healthy eating habits and adopting healthy habits, and she came to understanding how medications did not help as much as changing habits, especially dietary habits, could. This prompted her to become a specialist in regenerative detoxification according to Dr Robert Morse. After that, in 2022, she started her own business, Anasta, and changed her life direction by leaving pharmacy, dedicating herself to counselling clients who testify to incredible results in treating malignant diseases and chronic conditions.

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