Many times you have seen healers using their hands, placing palms on the recipient’s body, and perhaps marveled at how someone can transmit healing energy through their hands.

Would it surprise you if I told you that it’s a natural system, and from our palms, when in a healthy flow, energy flows naturally and unhindered?

The simplest example of this is the contact between a mother and a child, where a mother’s touch has a healing effect on the child. There are numerous examples, from placing hands on someone’s back as a sign of support to putting one’s hands on a painful spot as a form of self-help.

Let’s demystify how this healing flow through the hands occurs.

Firstly, if there is no flow through the giver’s body, it’s challenging for the same to initiate a flow through the hands.


Because that energy doesn’t come from nowhere. It has its flow through our bodies. In the fundamental, primary system of our body’s natural energy supply, our body is connected vertically “from above,” with energy from the sky, source, and “from below,” with energy from the Earth, the planet to which the body currently belongs. This connection in the vertical energy column is established by our birth on this planet and exists as long as we are alive. All this energy, including that which can be awakened by intensifying the opening of energy channels in our body, such as the well-known Kundalini Shakti, is OUR vital energy. I emphasize that it is ours because, when stronger energetic openings occur in the life of an average person, even experiences we might call mystical, there’s often a presumption that it’s something external to us, some divine grace. It might even lead to a situation where we glorify ourselves and our abilities.

If you live in a human body, be assured that very few of us, including me, know all the true capabilities of our bodies.

The ability to conduct energy from the Sky and the Earth through us is our natural ability and the basis of our energetic anatomy.

For the energy to reach the hands from the vertical column, it first encounters the heart as our center. There, it merges and balances. (Keep in mind that we are talking about a healthy energy flow system, which unfortunately is not the case for many.) From the heart, energy continues down the arms and reaches our palms. The flow achieved from the heart through the hands passes through a network of intertwined energy currents called meridians or nadis. It’s still a relatively dense, physical level. This flow through the hands can be realized through multiple levels of our body, not just the etheric body through which energy passes but also through the spiritual. Therefore, the dimensions through which the flow passes can vary in the layers they traverse. The more the giver is in flow, the more they “rule” the multi-dimensionality of their body, i.e., inhabit more dimensions.

I’ll try to explain a bit more. If we use only the physical body as the base through which we live life on this planet, without knowing that the body has its version in other dimensions, we won’t pay attention to those dimensions, nor will we consciously inhabit them as our own. But if we grow in awareness and occupy the entire capacity of the body we use, then realize that we are more than a physical body, that we are energy, and further, that we are consciousness, we will understand that consciousness has no boundaries and is not limited to the physical body’s boundaries. Then, through this body, we will sovereignly inhabit all those dimensions of existence that are not only inherent to us but to which we also have a right. The differences between these bodies are measurable by vibration; all these bodies exist at different vibrational levels. Sound therapists know that each person produces different vibrations, and indeed, for a very small number of individuals, their vibrational field can resonate with multiple vibrational layers. The reason is that these layers are not activated in those individuals.

When we lose the sense of our physical boundaries, the heart-hand connection can be easily overlooked, and energy will flow from our center merely at a thought, through opening up to someone, as an impulse of love that flows through us.

Secondary Sources of Energy Supply

In addition to the vertical connection, where we connect for energy to flow through us to the heart and hands, there are, of course, many other sources of energy. All our major energy centers, chakras, are also energy portals. The Earth itself is rich in a natural energy network, and certain places become “power spots” where this flow is intensified.

Drawing Healing Energy/Prana through the Palms

It is possible to isolate the palms as a means of transferring the giver’s energy and focus solely on the palms as a tool for transmitting energy to the recipient. In this way, the giver, as much as possible, avoids involving their personal energy into the recipient’s energy, but it lacks the connection component through the heart center. Sometimes such work and energy transfer in this way are necessary for the healer to minimize their personal energy involvement in the recipient’s energy. The primary reason for this is the protection of the healer as the energy giver. Although I don’t prefer this type of energy transfer, I can understand how it is sometimes necessary. However, if we view this transfer from the heart through the hands as something that can be a means of expressing love and enriching our relationships, then we will not have the need to protect our hearts in contact with another person.

Strengthening the Connection Between Heart and Hands

The connection between the heart and hands can be strengthened in various ways. Whatever we choose, the key is to achieve greater flow in the body. This can be accomplished through massage, physical exercise, relaxing breathing, and meditative practices. I highly recommend Yin Yoga for the heart and lung meridians or heart yoga, as wonderful tools that will be beneficial for ourselves and, subsequently, for strengthening the flow toward the palms.

Exercise to Strengthen the Connection Between Heart and Hands

Sit or stand in meditation. Avoid lying down as one can loses the feeling of being placed vertically to the ground. Become aware of the flow through the vertical line from above through the top of the head and from below from beneath the base of the torso. With your breath, draw this energy towards the heart center, the middle of the chest. When you feel that the flow is strengthened, focus on how, with each inhalation, energy flows through you from top to bottom, accumulating in the heart, and then, with each exhalation, descends down the arms to the palms. If you wish, and it does not exhaust you, you can use this energy to lay your hands on yourself or possibly heal someone else.

To maintain such energy flow while working with a recipient, it must become entirely natural for us and be done from a relaxed and conscious state. Keep in mind that even with good intentions, if your mind continues to work and be burdened with your own problems, you will not only transmit energy through your hands to the recipient but also burden them with your thoughts or emotional state.

Regardless, if you want to enhance awareness in your palms, it is enough to rub or clap them, but I will also offer you a simple meditative exercise.

Exercise to Enhance Sensitivity to the Flow of Energy Through the Palms

Consciously focus on your palms and breathe through them. Feel how they fill with breath on inhalation and empty on exhalation. Very simple, yet effective. If you feel the flow of breath through your palms, there is no obstacle to sensitizing them to other subtle energies.

Before the desire arises to place your hands on everything living and non-living, remember to bring more of your awareness into it. First, assess whether it is more valuable to establish a stable energy flow through yourself, for your health and stability, and balance.