When you engage in energetic healing, you sometimes encounter unexpected “duties” and assistances. One of these is the farewell of souls departing from this life, i.e., leaving the physical body through which they lived this earthly life.

Although initially it was difficult for me to work with people for whom it had become apparent that they were leaving and that my efforts would not change the situation, later on, these situations became easier as my perspective and understanding of dying changed. Civilizationally, death is not viewed in a positive light, but is a great teacher and a natural part of existence.

These are some lessons death has taught me:


Many seek the help of an energetic healer as a last resort, and sometimes improvement can occur, but sometimes it turns out that the healer was not working on healing for life, but for death. Although someone might judge the healer as unsuccessful in that case, from an energy perspective, not a single moment of that work with the departing person was wasted. In everything that healer vibrationally helped the dying person release will not be carried vibrationally by the soul into the next life.


What awaits us after death is a mystery, often causing paralyzing fear because we do not know what awaits us. Leaving what is known, in this case, our life, creates a desire to cling to this personality we have built and the body through which we lived from the perspective of personality as a sort of investment in this individual life. Energetically, we can view this as a kind of attachment. Therefore, energetic work in this case is useful because it helps release the attachment to the personality. Life is not just this one that follows being in one body from its birth to its death; life is a much larger and broader concept. Life is flow and change. Where there is no flow, stagnation occurs, along with everything stagnation brings with it. It is stagnation in which we slowly die and lose our life energy and flow.


Those who are departing have another energetic burden, and that is those they leave behind or sometimes what they leave behind. Most often it is concern for loved ones, families they leave behind, less often unfinished projects, creations… When it is time for someone to leave this existence, it will be more helpful for the soul if we create a supportive environment in which they will have peace, rather than trying to hold onto them with all our might. There is great strength in letting someone go and acknowledging their life. What we can do the time of someone’s departure is to say goodbye, forgive each other, and say farewell… until the meeting again. This expresses grace towards that person, that soul. If death was sudden, for us who remain, farewell rituals can help us equally in such parting, because we can address the soul even after life in the body has ceased.


In many ancient cultures, priesthood had a role of aiding in the transition and easing the passage. These cultures already knew that physical death is not the end of the journey. Realizing that we are not just this physical body, reminding ourselves that we are a soul on its journey and that we are consciousness, is actually the basis of healing, but it is also what helps in this particular case. Bringing the departing person into a state of higher consciousness, and at the same time into a higher vibration, helps them detach from this life and view themselves and their life from a higher perspective. This can be done through conversation with that person, but it is even more important to do it vibrationally. Words will calm the personality, but vibration is what will remind the soul who it truly is.


The transition and release of the soul from the physical body mean liberation from pain for the person, entering a different dimension of existence where the bigger picture is seen and understood. If such a soul that has been freed from suffering were to address us, it would do so from a place of great and detached love, and when it comes to the death of physically elderly people, they are young again when they transition from the physical to the spiritual form.


If we observe our energetic anatomy, there is a thread in the vertical line of our body, an energetic column, which connects us to the consciousness of the planet “from below” and to the Source “from above.” As long as we live on this planet, whether we are aware of it or not, there always exists our energetic connection to the planet, because we, our physical form, are one of the many beings that took on a material form by being born on this planet. For our body to be built, we had to receive numerous building elements from this planet, but we also energetically connected to the matrix of this planet, following the matrix of life on this planet. When we release this energetic thread, it means we have also released from life here. Sometimes this separation is not successful, due to sudden or violent death (violence inflicted by others, as well as violence in which a person “raised a hand” on themselves), which means that such a soul will need assistance in separating after death to continue their journey.


The time when the soul leaves this world is a sensitive and vulnerable time for that person. What I would highlight as something that can help the person on a conscious level is connecting with what were significant moments for that person in which they knew how to connect with themselves. Considering that only a small part of people living on this planet are truly awakened, it is usually about moments when the person unconsciously connected with the conscious parts of themselves. These are really simple things like being in the garden, singing, music, poetry, prayer, meditation… something that person loves and that makes their soul happy. Allowing the dying person to do what connects them with themselves will make a big difference in easing suffering and facilitating release.

Death is not easy, but if we learn to observe it in a different way, we will change much of what is civilizationally programmed into us in its misunderstanding. Working with the dying should not scare us; if it is intended for us, we should accept it as part of the tasks of our soul. On the other hand, we need to quiet our ego, which may imagine that it can save everyone or have some kind of being special attitude in this type of work. What every soul needs and deserves on its journey from other souls is recognition, mutual respect, and support.