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Experience of Transformation

Transformation Healing is a website dedicated to healing.

My dear ones, welcome to my website. Here, you will find a variety of materials and inspiration on how to embark on your own journey of healing and transformation. I hope you enjoy the experience as much as I have looked forward to finally having a place where I can express myself, share my thoughts, and narrate my healing journey and knowledge with you. Here we are, finally, in a time where we can dedicate ourselves to self-growth and healing! We have the freedom to express who we are and to make positive changes in ourselves, society, and this planet. My happiness is immeasurable, but so is the amount of work that awaits us. If you too have recognized that you are on such a journey, with the purpose of becoming whole and engaging in healing work, then this is the right place for you!

I really enjoy Tatjanas meditation practice and guidance. She is a very experienced meditator and helps me relax very quickly. Her voice is like coming home from a long trip for me, it soothes me and helps me find inner peace & balance in this busy world. I go to see her directly in the studio, or when I am away, I take on the zoom meditation classes. Thank you for all that you are doing for this world to be a better place, dear Tatjana!
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Transformation entails change. Change is constant; it permeates the reality in which we live. We have the ability to influence the process of change, whether consciously or unconsciously. Change will occur regardless, whether we actively invite it or not.

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There are various modalities of healing work, all aimed at achieving health, balance, and discovering one’s wholeness.

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It’s a process where individuals must learn to stand in their own strength and sovereignty. This journey towards healing is an inner one, where delving into the depths of oneself, even the lonely parts, is essential. It’s through this exploration that one can understand how to return to unity.


Photographs: Ivana Levačić

About Me

My Story

My name is Tatjana, 

I responded to the call to engage in healing work as an invitation that came from my inner guidance, primarily focusing on my own healing journey, and then on something through which I could help others and this planet with my gift. One of my gifts is writing, and I look forward to filling this website’s blog with my articles. I belong to those dreamers who have awakened and who want to make this world a better place. Join me in that!

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I was born in 1981 and live in Čakovec, NW Croatia. I have always been drawn to more introverted activities like meditation and writing. I advocate for a healthy lifestyle, self-improvement, and am a lover of pranayama. I have been involved in therapeutic work since 2013, and since 2015, with my friend Anja Jelena Krajcer, I have been running Studio Hara, which operates in Čakovec and Varaždin, focusing on various holistic practices, with an emphasis on therapeutic effect. I started working in the studio doing yin yoga and guided group meditations, which are a very important form of energy healing practice for me.

photo by Ivana Levačić

Journey of the Soul

Will to Transform

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When we talk about working with energy, change comes in accordance with vibration: ours, our planet’s, and its collective. So, depending on our vibration, we will attract such scenarios into our lives. All scenarios lead to change, transformation, it’s just that sometimes we will wish for and consciously formulate that change and be its companion, and sometimes we will resist it in a desire for control or fear of change, and be caught in a tornado, with no chance of a comfortable ride next to the window. Now, when I mention the window, I will tell you: you will not observe events through the window, the events in your life that will bring you transformation will take place right in the driver’s cabin, and the window is not for observing those events, but a reminder that everything happening in the cabin is directed by a much larger and broader awareness, that the little self to which all transformation events occur is just a fragment and that the true Self is out there observing the fragment of itself (which is also that Self) experiencing change. That Self, the true I, is constant. It cannot be otherwise because you live on a planet of duality. Considering one human life as the journey of the soul, the soul is here to experience that transformation. Through its lives, existences, the soul gathers different experiences, and then in those same or subsequent lives, existences, it transforms them.

How much a person will approach their transformation consciously and willingly depends on the level of the soul’s awareness. So, if you are aware enough and have decided to take at least some control, you are in the right place. The intention to do so is the right beginning.


About Healing in General, Principles and Healing Techniques…

YouTube Channel

Meditations were recorded at the Yoga Studio Hara in Čakovec

Working with me

What to expect?

In my practice of energy healing with the recipient, I can work directly in the studio, by laying hands, or with the help of meditation. I most commonly practice distance healing, which has proven to be a very practical way for me as a practitioner to directly enter the recipient’s energy without arranging for an in-person meeting. The energy itself acts very quickly, so are the effects.

. I channel energy by connecting with that part of me which is pure consciousness and has a direct connection with the Source. Sometimes, I receive assistance or guidance from higher levels.

I enjoy sharing my knowledge, so I occasionally organize workshops on healing topics, but I also appreciate when someone wants to learn how to work with their own energy, so together, according to the individual’s needs, we create exercises and I teach techniques that the individual can do for themselves.

Universal knowledge

Taking responsibility

The rights to all texts published here are reserved by Tatjana Pavlic Blažon, although she considers it to be universal knowledge accessible to everyone, and what she writes about she wants to present more as a discussion than as an unchangeable assertion. One takes responsibility for oneself, and the advice you find here cannot replace medical instructions given by a licensed physician.

photo by Ivana Levačić
photo by Ivana Levačić
photo by Ivana Levačić
photo by Ivana Levačić
Photographs: Ivana Levačić, Mario Novak

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