After an energy healing treatment or any other form of therapy, it’s possible that the treatment triggers releases that manifest on physical, mental, or energetic levels. We can talk about the concept of a healing crisis or detox. This is something that may bring disappointment for some with energy healing or make them give up on self-work.

Although this isn’t the best advertisement for what I specialize in and what I present through this blog, transparency is something I value as much as discussing important topics like this.

Let’s try to explain why these crises happen, what they can bring, and why they’re actually not something negative that should deter you from any spiritual work.


Imagine you’ve had surgery. An operating room was prepared for you, you were put under anesthesia, and procedures were performed on your physical body that require some time for you to recover from. Even the state you were in during the surgical procedure wasn’t natural for you because your body operates under regular circumstances in a completely different way. You would fully accept the doctor’s recommendation for rest and recovery, and you certainly wouldn’t complain about the doctor who did their job well.

Let’s apply this as a kind of textbook example to the situation when, due to various circumstances, you decided to undergo an energy treatment, even though you know very little about it, and you had high expectations. After the treatment, you may have felt better, but you started experiencing symptoms you hadn’t felt before. The therapist even told you to take it easy after the treatment, but you thought it was just a sign of attention, not a specific instruction.

Are you aware that a procedure was performed on your energy body that can be partially compared to surgery? For the therapist, healer to prepare you for the procedure, they had to prepare themselves, prepare the space where the procedure takes place (more in the text under the title: Creation of a Protected (Sacred) Space), and change your frequency. Your usual homeostasis, the way you operate through your life, has been altered. Although you felt “the same” after the treatment, you actually weren’t because the treatment, to a greater or lesser extent, undeniably changed your energy.

If your energy has been blocked in a certain way for many years, the treatment can stir it up. Imagine experiencing a certain emotion for years, but suppressing it because you weren’t ready to face it. That doesn’t mean it disappeared; it’s still there, recorded in you, in your energy, until something happens to trigger it so you can face it. Energy treatments and spiritual work are something that will act as an agent for initiating internal and external cleansing.

One useful tip for you as clients is that when you decide to receive a treatment, before the treatment itself, set the intention for everything to happen in the treatment for your highest good and in accordance with how much you are currently able to endure and release.

Also, just as you would choose a good doctor, apply the same criteria for choosing a good and reliable energy therapist.


Detox can manifest through various symptoms; I will mention some of the most common ones. They all represent a form of cleansing your energy from something you may have accumulated over the years of your life or even through past lives, and you haven’t resolved it until now.


Dreams are a good way to show us something beyond the limits of waking reality because they can speak to us through their symbolism and show us things we wouldn’t dare to think or experience in our waking state due to imposed self-control.


Many are scared when the treatment causes their anxieties to worsen afterward, so the therapist’s support is very important. But if you’re the client, choose a therapist you know or feel has experience, who is familiar with what might be expected and what you’re going through. If you ask me, I would trust only a therapist who is dedicated to their own spiritual work, without much pomp about it, and especially one who has a good sense of humor. Changing your own spiritual reality is always easier when you can laugh at your own changes.

Anything that emerges after the treatment in the form of any emotions is welcome because it means emotions that we’ve stored somewhere inside us are being released. The range can be wide, from fear, sadness, anger to bursts of laughter. The only difference is that you probably wouldn’t complain to the therapist about laughing episodes.


The way we think and live our lives doesn’t necessarily mean it’s correct for our true being. Because, in reality, we are consciousness and beings of strength, freedom, love, and anything contrary to that limits us and puts us in tension. Many times, we aren’t even aware that we live within such limitations until we BECOME AWARE of them. Awareness isn’t always pleasant, nor is changing the way we live life, changing habits. Resistance to this change can create even more destructive energy within us, and that’s why only the brave succeed in healing completely, while everything else is just temporary states until the energy recipient returns to their old patterns and habits. Change requires a lot of willpower, and it doesn’t come from the healer, it always comes from the person who decides to embrace it.


This is also a symptom of detox because the treatment can bring the client greater clarity about their future life steps, and a change in energy, increased vibration, can indicate dissonance with other people, or with what we do or engage in during our free time. Let’s simply understand that some things or people no longer have a place in our lives, and detachment occurs either by decision or by some natural process.


Due to a weakened energy field, certain patterns that are either our own or inherited (e.g., from ancestors) can attach to our energy body, seeking such a suitable place to exist and thereby encouraging the creation of even more negativity within us (think specifically of parasites on the physical level that further harm us physically, releasing toxins into the body). Through energy healing, such energies can be released and separated from the energy field, but that still doesn’t mean they won’t try to return. They usually aren’t happy about being separated from their host. To ensure they don’t return, the recipient plays an important role. Their decision to change their habits and their life will be decisive.


A change in frequency can cause symptoms such as dizziness or headaches, indicating that our body is adapting to this elevated frequency. That’s why it’s necessary to ground every energy of increased vibration through the body and allow the body to acclimate. Massages, exercise, walks in nature, and baths help with this.


When we release what we don’t need, we make space for health: for healthier energy, healthier thought patterns, for purity and peace. When we free space from anything that is dissonant, separating us from our inner purity, we allow a greater amount of consciousness to reside in this body through which we live this life. Detox can additionally indicate the causes of the condition for which we initially decided to seek energy treatment, whether we like what has been revealed to us or not.