This is a short informative article that talks about the perspective of moving into alignment with one’s own energy throughout the day, considering that the techniques and way of living such a life are something that is learned and becomes a way of life, I will try to be brief. If you are interested in learning more, contact me:

We spend most of our day with ourselves in our own heads, with our own thoughts and emotions, with a sense of our own bodies (although that’s a topic in itself), and with our own consciousness (whether we are aware of it or not). Everything else we experience in our day is a reflection of our inner world in terms of how we experience events around us. So even though we may not have control over many events, we do have control over our reactions to them, and we can also have control over our energy if we pay a little more attention.


We need to be attentive from the moment we wake up because if we lack attention, we lack consciousness, and then unconsciousness can seep into our actions, thoughts, emotions, reactions, what we say, and consume. This state is contrary to what we want to achieve. So, from the moment we wake up, PAY ATTENTION: to how we feel in our own bodies. What is our breath like? Are we using our respiratory body fully or limitedly? Before even getting out of bed, we can do a lot for our energy. We can set our intentions for the day ahead, we can set up energy protection, cleanse our own energetic space…

What I like to do is to pass my palms over my main energy centers, along the vertical axis where the chakras are located, and thus bring awareness and balance to it. You can also apply this to any part of the body you want to focus on more because awareness, consciousness, heals. During this process, I simply apply the innate intelligence of the body, which means that your palms will stay on the center and part of the body that needs it the most.

In addition to being aware of our body, let’s also be aware of our surroundings, so pay attention to how our senses function, what do they notice: what do you hear, smell… Our senses are very important for participating in the world we live in, but sometimes we subject them to rough stimulation, so be aware of whether the space around you is friendly or not. Simply by noticing, you will create conditions for making decisions that will be more beneficial for you and your energy. For example: is your space well-ventilated, does it have any harmful sources of light or sound. The gentler you are with your senses, the more your nervous system will thank you, but you will also find it easier to connect with your energy.

Similarly, the food and drinks we ingest and how we ingest them are important. Today, there is a wealth of information available on nutrition, and it is something we can all learn more about and become more aware of.

Being aware of everything that our senses tell us means that we can start noticing subtler levels, which are at the level of our energy, how we are vibrating at the moment.

Let’s learn to ground ourselves. One of the most important practices we can do for ourselves in the morning is grounding, which is connecting our own energy with the energy of the Earth.

Before leaving our home, just as we dress, we can “put on” protection around ourselves. There are various techniques, but the most important thing is to work with what is effective for us.


Once we are out of the house, let’s continue to notice how we feel in certain situations, in certain places, and in the company of certain people. Sometimes we cannot influence where we have to be and with whom we have to meet, but we can recognize our reactions to them and adapt our vibration and way of interacting to them. Fortunately, there are also some intelligent mechanisms that are part of the functioning of our physical body, which, if we learn to listen to them, clearly guide us through our day. Just as we feel hungry, we can feel many other useful pieces of information. For various reasons categorized under various concepts such as “etiquette” and “rules of behavior” through upbringing or experienced traumas, we have learned more not to pay attention to these signals than to respect them. However, learning to pay attention to them can make a significant difference in the energy we carry throughout the day and even in whether the “non-listening” to the signals will ultimately manifest some physical or psychological illness.

Interaction with various sources of information via the internet and social networks is equally important because it can significantly shape our opinions, “insert” programs into us, and trigger emotional responses that actually energetically destabilize us. It is really not necessary for us to receive all external information, but it is important that we know how to connect with those within ourselves. This makes a difference in whether we live our own lives, listening to our consciousness and the impulses of consciousness from within, or whether we are led by impulses that control our lives from the outside and even suck the life, our energy out of us.

Therefore, it is good to learn how to center ourselves. Regarding energy, centering means that we have “drawn in” our own energy, centered it so that it is not dispersed and “glued” outside of ourselves. Through practice, we can start recognizing not only our vertical energy column but also connect with our strong centers such as the center of power, in the solar plexus and the area of the navel, the heart center. Centering has another meaning in terms of spirituality, and that is that we always know what our real center is, which is our consciousness, our spark of awareness within us.

When it comes to the time of day when we return to our place of residence, we can take the time again to clear our energy. This is something that should be as important as washing our hands after coming home. If we all clearly saw the energies through which we move during our day, we would want not one, but several energy showers. So, let’s learn how to regain our energy.


Even for going to bed, it is important to pay attention. The content with which we interact before going to sleep greatly affects us. Let’s pay attention to what and if we will watch, listen, and read before bedtime. The most obvious examples are watching the news that spreads negativity, but also something less obvious like music that with its vibration and lyrics can influence us.

By evening, we have actually received a lot of stimuli that have stimulated our nervous system, but also a lot of things that we have experienced throughout the day, such as interactions in relationships, which we still haven’t managed to “digest”, perceive, and you know that it is not good to go to bed with a full stomach, so it is similar to other things we have taken into ourselves throughout the day. Therefore, in terms of energy, the day should end on a calm note. Meditation is a tool that can help cleanse us of all the stimuli we have experienced during the day.

If we have experienced moments when we couldn’t sleep at night because our mind hooked onto something that presented itself to us as a problem or even magnified it in the late hours when we should be sleeping, you know how unpleasant and exhausting such an experience is. If we paid more attention to our energy throughout the day, we would rarely find ourselves in such situations.

Consider whether you find yourself in any of the situations mentioned, and if you want to improve your day and how you feel, start thinking through your energy!