In working with energy, there is nothing like separateness.

For example, when we decide to work on grounding energy or the throat chakra, the energy we direct will not only reflect on increasing the flow of grounding or just that particular energy center. It is not possible to isolate the specific aspect we are working on. It is possible to focus on that particular aspect, but the consequences of energy work will affect many more levels than just where our focus is.

Let’s take the example of the physical body. The body is intertwined with a network of nerves, veins, fascia; no muscle can move without something else in the body also moving. As a physical therapist, if I work on the lower back, for example, I can create a workout intended only for the lower back, but all exercises will affect other parts of the body; the arms and legs will also move. Hormones will be affected, so we will feel better, and this will then affect our emotions; our pleasant emotions will create pleasant thoughts… There is always this interdependence. We must also apply such a perspective to our other bodies, emotional and mental, to our entire energy.

When we energetically work on changing one component, it undeniably affects the others.

However, the boundaries of connection do not stop with ourselves. When we change something within ourselves, we also change it towards all the systems we are connected to. We change in our relationships with other people and with this planet.

However our understanding is still limited because we perceive time in a limited, chronologically bound way. When we remove such a narrow way of looking, we also change the variables related to what we call the past and the future.

When we work on ourselves, we also influence our genetic lineage. Genes are primarily light vibrational information carried by our bodies. With their vibration, they transmit certain information that will affect how our physical body forms in this material reality in which we live. But when we change the vibration of a specific genetic code, it means that we have vibrationaly changed it for the entire genetic lineage from which we originated, as well as for future generations.

Working with energy will also affect what we call collective consciousness. All our experiences will be woven into that much larger consciousness. We can imagine it as a pool filled with a multitude of information. If we introduce our experiences into that pool with our existence and life, on a vibrational level, they will be accessible to everyone else.

Separateness does not exist. All experiences are vibrational and energetically accessible to everyone.