Trauma is part of our existence, and life on this very dense level of existence on this planet allows us to experience trauma in multiple ways and layers. Trauma permeates our societies and cultures. It is not “somewhere out there” in third-world countries or war zones; it is part of us because not long ago, although we like to consider ourselves advanced societies, our ancestors lived their lives in scarcity, and war is not such a recent event. However, trauma does not only arise from such significant causes; they are just more prominent generators that produce new drops in the vibration and consciousness of society and maintain intergenerational trauma in families. To see how vibrationally intertwined we are with trauma, one should look at the bigger picture.


Today, trauma is dealt with by many medical professionals as well as various therapists, and there is still no unified approach or treatment for trauma. We could say that progress in the results of various therapeutic approaches came when the emotional level was acknowledged, the interweaving of trauma with the body was accepted, and even more results were achieved when the question of the soul was touched upon. But if we go deeper, energetically, the deepest results will be achieved when we address the unresolved vibrations that are part of our vibrational records. Our vibrational records are what attract specific experiences into our lives and create the energetic pattern of our life, i.e., everything we experience and live through.

Energy presents the question: What are the vibrational records in me that brought me to this situation?

It is completely reverse approach that views at the event that caused the trauma. Energetically, it means that there was a vibrational record in us, in our energy, that attracted a particular traumatic situation to us. The energy treatment addresses the vibrational records in us to remove and influence these fine, subtle levels from where the matrix for experiencing traumatic experiences originates.


When we observe external causes of trauma, they have their external origin in life events that affected us, our psyche, and our body, and then on deeper levels, our vibrations. This is undeniable, but many times within us, traumatic reactions arise without the possibility of concretely explaining the occurrence of trauma in external events from a particular life. If we accept the possibility of existence through multiple lives, multiple incarnations, as part of the journey of one soul, it will be much clearer how the soul has vibrationally transferred intense experiences that were unresolved in previous lives into other lives.

Repeating such situations reveals the existence of such vibrations in us and serves as a guide for inner work on oneself.


In individuals who have experienced severe trauma, the lived experiences prevent them from fully participating in their lives. Constantly returning to the undergone traumatic experience “freezes” them in the timeline where the trauma occurred, simultaneously preventing maturation. The inability and avoidance of experiencing emotions that are too intense and which the person does not dare to relive indicate that the person suspended emotional development and is prevented from achieving emotional maturity, as well as the possibility of finding their own inner peace and stability. A person who has experienced intense trauma cuts off, dissociates from parts of themselves they cannot face. Energetically, this leads to fragmentation of the soul and energy, creating blockages in the flow of energy in the body.

The feeling of inner peace is what gives us insight into all our strength, all our value, leads us to connection with our wisdom and intuition, and ultimately reveals the feeling of self as consciousness and connection through multiple dimensions of existence.

Unresolved trauma is what will prevent what is referred to in spiritual language as “embodiment,” which is placing the highest possible level of one’s consciousness into the body we live in.

Our inner struggle with trauma is a conflict between darkness and light, consciousness and unconsciousness within us on a micro level. On a personal level, we can view trauma as an experience the soul has on its journey, as a lesson, karmic consequence, or desire of the soul to learn to overcome (transmute) trauma.

On a macro perspective of viewing the human race as a collective, in this conflict between consciousness and unconsciousness, unconsciousness will emphasize trauma. When the collective is traumatized, we have many individuals who cannot achieve their full spiritual growth, access their inner peace and balance, making unconsciousness prevail. The more there are conscious and awakened individuals, the more conscious the world we live in becomes, a healed world.


For the soul to inhabit the body, there must be compatibility between the body’s DNA and the consciousness inhabiting the body. DNA is a light record that remembers all the potentials that consciousness can achieve in existence through the body it incarnated in.

It has been proven that trauma and traumatic events negatively affect and damage DNA. If our DNA is damaged, we will not be able to achieve its full potential. Damaged DNA also produces a barrier for souls from higher levels of existence who have decided to come to Earth and embody in a particular body, in finding a body with DNA compatible for their embodiment.

Trauma changes the perception and reaction to events. Events that trigger the experience of lived trauma put us in a state of unrest. This brings us back to the feeling of peace. When we lose the feeling of inner peace, we lose one of the greatest treasures of this life. If you do not view peace as a treasure, you may need to reassess your beliefs or you have not yet experienced states where you suffered from insomnia, anxiety, fear, feelings of unlovability, non-belonging, hatred towards yourself or others, your own life…



The soul strives to awaken to its full potential. Human potential is much greater than currently evident. Our records, which can be achieved by fully activating our DNA, speak of lives that can be lived without severe and chronic illnesses, lives filled with creativity and the ability to reach higher dimensions of existence without the assistance of opiates or psychedelics.

When potentials awaken naturally, they will activate the energetic structure within us.

By removing trauma records from our own vibrations and stopping the generation of new trauma causes externally, it will be possible to prolong human lives, increase their quality, and fill them with a better life based on love, wisdom, and compassion derived from our earthly human experience.