This is the first of several articles I plan to write on the topic of healing. I’ve been thinking about what to call them. One of the ideas for the title was “Modalities of Energy Healing,” but that wasn’t precisely what I intended to write about. When we talk about such modalities, we often think in the earthly realm healing schools, such as Tesla or Theta healing, Reiki, bioenergy, etc.

What I’m talking about goes beyond the boundaries of modalities, yet it can be applied in any modality. Personally, I belong to those peculiar individuals who wake up due to a calling and memories of having long been initiated in various ways. No initiation offered by current healing schools is necessary, except awakening and resolving all unresolved issues that keep us in separation. My guidance tells me that, in the current times we live in, awakening our multi-vibrational knowledge is necessary without having gone somewhere to learn it through courses or seminars. The term “our” is even excessive because it’s universal knowledge acquired by connecting to the universal mind.

As you start reading, all of this may sound quite simple, and many of you may nod in agreement while reading, understanding it intellectually. However, the practice is different. Without meditation skills, deep focus, self-work, opening oneself, opening the heart center, energetic channels, and establishing a stable central channel, along with many other techniques that require years of practice (in this lifetime), connecting to a higher level of consciousness wouldn’t be possible considering the world we still live in. The topics I’ll address somehow stem from connecting to higher states of consciousness that occur during healing work, and I don’t claim any exclusivity or copyright. I’m certainly not the only one who can reach these states. My desire is to encourage those involved in this type of work to strive for a discipline that connects them with higher consciousness, Self, Source, or God (however you name it) and thus bring healing desperately needed for the suffering souls of this planet.

Honestly, we have too much work, and several generations will have to pass before we begin to live the long-awaited and dreamed-of new Golden Age.

Let’s get back to the main topic – healing through awareness recognition.

Within each of us exists a spark of life, a point located in the middle of our heart center or chest. Remember that, since we’re working with energy, this point is part of our energy, not the physical body. However, its consciousness and awakening influence the vitality of the physical body. The spark of life varies in strength within each of us because the modern way of life we lead often isn’t conducive to awakening our life spark; rather, it encourages forgetfulness. Buddhism beautifully illustrates this point through meditations that focus on one’s inner pearl or jewel. Any practice that helps reveal this precious point is valuable.

During a healing session, the healer can choose to work on the recipient’s energy centers in various ways, depending on the desired outcome. The therapist influences targeted centers by setting intention, and the always intelligent energy does its work. Here, the following principle applies: the less the healer interferes with the flow, the more successful the treatment. However, we’re talking about a classical treatment, which undeniably has its value and can greatly help the recipient. If we want to reach the recipient more thoroughly and awaken their inner strength, which will trigger far more intense healing processes, we will seek to awaken their inner spark. By reaching this inner spark, we directly influence the person’s energy, rather than working on individual energy centers. As healers, we must be aware that the people we work with are at different levels of personal spiritual development. They must first resolve some other personal issues to awaken their internal spark of awareness. This doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist; it’s like the sun hidden behind clouds and needs to clear those layers first to become visible. The healer will never rush this process but will attempt to see the recipient in their entirety and seek that spark, knowing it exists. In this case, the healer’s extrasensory perception, personal meditation practice, and the recognition of the spark of life within themselves will be helpful. This spark vibrates at a very high frequency, containing a great power of concentrated pure awareness. In the healing process, the healer’s point will respond vibrationally to the awakened point of the recipient, leading to its activation in the healer as the treatment giver. The sensation can be pulsating, warm, and expansive in the middle of the chest. Internally, it is precisely that mentioned spark – intense, pure white light. It is a clear signal to the healer that they can connect with that level of the recipient and work with its potential. The healer is then in a state where the essence in them recognizes the same essence in others.

If you’re still wondering why we would want to work with this level – the answer lies in its higher vibration power that can bridge and purify other lower vibrations in the recipient. Activating this point in the recipient and using it for healing means initiating a deep peace that can be transmitted to all levels of the recipient, especially from higher levels to lower ones, comprising the mental and emotional, and then physical bodies of the recipient.

The goal of such treatment (even spiritual work) is to allow the energy that comes from this higher level to dissolve and spread throughout the recipient’s entire body. Again, it emphasizes that the healer is a moderator in this work, working with minimal interference, as, in the end, it is the energy that does everything else. The healer sets the intention for the recipient during the session that the healing process unfolds for their highest good, while keeping in mind not to exceed the readiness of the person to receive such high-frequency energy. After that, awareness takes over and becomes the healer.

This type of healing and its variations are not entirely unknown; many mystics practiced them, and various schools taught them. What’s new is that it has become easier for all of us to overcome the vibrational barrier and activate it either in others or within ourselves.