Clear intuition is a healthy expression of our consciousness within our body, which means that everything that supports our consciousness and our flow also affects our intuition.

Strengthening intuition is aided by anything that brings us into greater connection with ourselves.

For someone involved in energy healing, intuition is extremely important. This means that my free time is dedicated to nurturing the skills I use in energy healing practice. Pranayama helps me feel and manipulate subtle energies. Yoga asana practice helps me sense and become aware of my own body. Meditation helps me reach a sense of myself as consciousness and serves as a tool for working on my own vibrations. However, none of the individual techniques I use are targeted at a specific part of me, because I am the totality of existence: the mind, the body I use, the soul, and consciousness.

By strengthening our sense of self on all levels, we support the clarity with which we can access our intuition.

I have read and heard various tips on how to enhance one’s intuition, and they indeed have been diverse; from not using fluoride toothpaste to listening to subliminal affirmations to strengthen intuition. Some of these tips may be helpful, but here I will give some advice on how to strengthen your intuition from my personal experience.


Maintaining healthy digestion, i.e., a healthy digestive fire, affects the clarity of the mind, the clarity through which consciousness “shines” through our body. If we have digestive problems, especially if we are bloated, we are not able to connect with the fine intuitive feelings located within our abdomen. Therefore, overeating, irregular meals, and eating at times when the digestive system should be resting are counterproductive to feeling one’s pure intuition. Food and drink can also intoxicate and overstimulate us, creating sensations in the body that put us out of balance. In everything, we strive for balance.

Overloading our digestion means inner dullness, resulting in weakened intuition.


Following simple rules such as: going to bed on time, getting enough rest, spending time outdoors, being cautious with caffeine intake, and using supplements like ashwagandha, maca, or lady’s mantle for women, can go a long way in stabilizing hormones. When our hormones are stable, we function like a well-tuned clock.


Intuition speaks to us from silence, and clear intuition brings a sense of purity. Therefore, inner noise and chattering of the mind are contrary to the feeling of pure intuition. Turning off the TV, radio, music with lyrics, disconnecting from social networks, avoiding noisy places, and avoiding low-vibration company will help us maintain inner silence. Stopping the chattering of the mind is something we must learn to do with our own inner efforts. Hence, the skills of observation, detaching from our mental body and the chaos that can arise in it, and understanding that it is not us—because we are consciousness, pure and unburdened by mental chatter—are very useful.


When we encourage the sensuality of our own body through movement, touch, dance, and tastes of natural food, we are more present in our own body, feel it more, and can more easily receive messages that come through our connection with this material, earthly part of ourselves. Intuition speaks from this self-connection.


Intuitive messages are very simple. No special rituals are needed to reach your intuition. It is a misconception that special crystals, herbs, mantras, etc., will awaken intuition. These can assist, but none of them will help if you are not centered, grounded, quiet, and present in the first place. You need no props whatsoever.


From my experience, it is useful to create a mental detachment from the intuitively received message. The human mind likes to use additional interpretations and explanations and place intuitive messages into stories and contexts. DO NOT! Instead, accept such a message and observe it, give it time “to breathe,” let it reveal itself to you, do not color it with your mind. In this way, it will bring you a new insight, one that your mind could not produce.


When we receive an intuitive message, we must trust it. In return, we strengthen trust in ourselves as consciousness living in this body. Do not listen to others, not even my advice if it goes against your inner guidance; listen to yourself.