Una is a cheerful two-year-old girl, the daughter of my colleague, who suffers from recurrent bronchitis. Her symptoms include mucus filling her airways, difficulty breathing, and coughing. Additionally, when she has coughing attacks, due to pain and exhaustion from the cough, Una starts to breathe shallowly, leading to spasms in her chest area, i.e., tightening of the intercostal space. It is unnecessary to emphasize that during these times, neither she nor her parents can sleep, making her condition a strain on the entire family.

The experience of working with Una was interesting, with many insights that might be useful and interesting to others, especially parents who are curious about the deeper energetic causes of their child’s condition.

During the latest episode of Una’s bronchitis, I felt sorry for both her and her mother and offered to do a treatment to at least help alleviate her symptoms. Since I had previously done energy treatments with her mother, she trusted me to work energetically on her little girl.

I worked remotely, and during the treatment, Una’s mother explained to her that aunty Tatjana would help to get rid of the little worms bothering her (a way they depicted the feeling of pain in her chest).

I want to note that physical manifestations are viewed differently by energy healing compared to medicine and allopathic treatments, so the approach is entirely different, though one does not necessarily exclude the other.

To begin the treatment, as always, I first grounded myself, centered, created a protected space (read more in other blogs), and called upon my spiritual guidance and the spiritual guidance of the recipient.

When I started working on Una’s energy, I felt the constriction of her bronchi and inflammation in her sinuses, with mucus flowing down her throat. Immediately, images began to appear to me where she, in another body, was suffocating from smoke and could not breathe, struggling to take a breath. These were likely the last moments of life in that particular body. Vibrationally, this same situation was repeating now, in this little body that felt great discomfort and insecurity breathing. I asked for the removal of all vibrations, as much as currently possible, that prevented her from feeling safe and at ease while breathing. The note “as much as currently possible” remains because perhaps the soul’s intention is to learn something from these vibrations in this lifetime; I cannot know that. I focused on her breathing rhythm and “breathed” together with her. The trick is in resonance. A therapist who controls their breath (or a yoga teacher) influences those they work with by imposing the rhythm. Later, I recommended to her mother to try to breathe calmly with her in such situations and maybe include a favourite stuffed animal or doll to breathe with them.

During the treatment, I communicated with Una through my consciousness to tell her: “You are safe, everything is fine.” I strengthened her spleen, thymus gland, fortified her through the solar plexus area, and cleansed the chest area and sinuses. In most of my treatments, I perform grounding, i.e., energetic connection with the energy of the Planet. This is very beneficial for all of us, especially for this little body that has not yet fully integrated its soul on this planet. (It is sad that many souls do not achieve full embodiment during their lifetime, making it more of an exception than a rule.) From my work with children, I notice that their energy is much gentler, their energy centers are not as pronounced, but they also do not have as many blockages and constraints as adults, and there is no difficulty in transmitting vibration as when trying to penetrate blocked energy.

Una’s mother informed me that the treatment immediately calmed her down even though she was previously playing. She told her mom that during the treatment, the “worms” bothering her disappeared, and she felt no pain. She became sleepy and went to bed much earlier than usual, slept through the night without coughing or wheezing, and slept longer than usual in the morning.

The next day, we agreed to repeat the treatment because the inflammation was strong. This time, I received other insights related to Una’s mother, specifically a subconscious fear that had been with her since pregnancy when she had to strictly bed rest. The little one felt this fear every time she went with her mom to medical check-ups, manifesting as restlessness and crying. Una’s mom noticed this too, as such unpleasant situations did not occur when she went to check-ups with her dad. Therefore, I first worked on clearing Una’s relationship with her mom and removing fears. I repeated the strengthening through the solar plexus. Again, I had an insight similar to the previous day related to the feeling of insecurity in breathing, but this time it was about the feeling of insecurity belonging and living here on this planet. I gently addressed Una through consciousness and worked on those programs “I don’t belong here,” changing them to “I belong here the same way as all life on this Planet, and it is safe for me to be here.” I directed strong loving energy towards her, joined by Una’s spiritual guidance and higher consciousness, a consciousness greater than this particular body of hers. The experience was beautiful and fulfilling for me, as I do such work to help someone.

I received guidance to tell Una’s mother to tell her a story showing that it is natural for living beings on this planet to feel safe, related to something familiar to her. Little Una often went to play with rabbits raised in a cage in the village where they live. I already knew that Una enjoyed the rabbits, but it was now revealed to me that her sensitivity sensed the vibration of fear in those caged rabbits. I told her mom to ask if she knew where rabbits live when they are not in a cage and to tell her how they live in burrows they make in the ground, having their homes underground. Rabbits feel safest in their burrows because they can hear the Earth, and the same way is she, just like that little rabbit, safest when she remembers that the Earth protects and loves her. Una enjoyed talking about rabbits and wanted her mom to tell her more about them.

Una slept well again, her cough calmed down completely, and her recovery from bronchitis was significantly faster compared to previous periods, much to the surprise and delight of her parents.

Note: To protect the rights of minors, the girl’s name has been changed in this text.